For the love of music performance

My name is Oana Kariotoglou Popescu and I am a mom, pianist, piano teacher, and postgraduate researcher.

I started performing piano recitals in Zurich as a student, but as someone who was new to Switzerland, I didn’t know how to access people who might be interested in music and they certainly would have had a difficult time finding me. I want to help music performers and music lovers find each other more easily, so that more people realize that they can have music as a part of their lives in many forms, and not just at official public concerts. Second, as performers, we practice and practice for these big events – why not receive some encouragement for your continuous rehearsing while performing regularly in a friendly atmosphere?

In May 2020, my friend and mentor, Barbara, suggested the idea of promoting ‘one to one concerts’ as an alternative to large concert rooms, particularly at a time when large gatherings have become problematic.

And so, Recitala started to take shape, and the rest of the team joined as we went along. We started working with Okapi Studio on the first webpage [Acasalive] and the logistics.

Nikos, Andrei, Samuel, and Fabio give advice on the business end of the project. Kimberly helps develop the concept and web content, Sepp offers us a pop-up concert room in the centre of Zurich, and Nelson is our portrait photographer. In short, this is the result of the input and efforts of people with different talents, all of whom were drawn to this idea of finding new ways to experience music and performance.